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Providing Assessments since 2009

We’ve been completing Mental Capacity Assessments since 2009 to a very high standard. We have gained extensive experience assessing capacity for the old and young. People with dementia, learning disabilities and poor mental health. We also have experience working with young people with learning disabilities so in cases where the Mental Capacity Act applies to under 18 year olds, we can assist in assessing their capacity as well.

To ensure we provide the very best, we draw upon this range of experience and knowledge of the correct tests to apply to ensure that when we’re instructed to complete an assessment of a person’s mental capacity we don’t just get it done but we do it with the attention to detail it deserves.

Assessing capacity is a significant process and whether it’s for a lawyer preparing for a hearing in the Court of Protection or a local authority who want a second opinion assessment we deliver quality every time. We understand just how important getting capacity assessments right is. Particularly for those whose capacity is being assessed. A wrong assessment can deny someone the right to make a specific decision or allow someone to make a decision they don’t understand and cause them harm.

The Mental Capacity Act

The Mental Capacity Act (2005) provides a framework for assessing a person’s capacity to make a particular decision at a particular time. Healthcare, welfare and financial decisions can all be assessed using the Act as a framework. It’s one of 6 different tests and there are some decisions where common law tests may continue to apply. It’s imperative that those who assess capacity are familiar with which test to apply in different situations. These tests are the same tests that lawyers are familiar with and judges use to make decisions in court.